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Journal Publications

J12. C. Thompson, H. Biler, S. Symon, B. Ganapathisubramani, "Effects of integral length scale variations on the stall characteristics of a wing at high freestream turbulence conditions, under review.

J11. S. Symon, A. Madhusudanan, S. J. Illingworth, and I. Marusic, "Use of eddy viscosity in resolvent analysis of turbulent channel flow," Physical Review Fluids, vol. 8, no. 064601, June 2023.

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J7. S. Symon, D. Sipp, and B. J. McKeon, "A tale of two airfoils: resolvent-based modelling of an oscillator vs. an amplifier from an experimental mean," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 881, pp. 51-83, December 2018.

J6. K. Rosenberg, S. Symon, and B. J. McKeon, "Role of parasitic modes in nonlinear closure via the resolvent feedback loop," Physical Review Fluids, vol. 5, no. 052601(R), May 2019.

J5. S. B. Vadarevu, S. Symon, S. J. Illingworth, and I. Marusic, "Coherent structures in the linearized impulse response of turbulent channel flow," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 863, pp. 1190-1203, March 2019.​

J4. S. Symon, K. Rosenberg, S. T. M. Dawson, and B. J. McKeon, "Non-normality and classification of amplification mechanisms in stability and resolvent analysis," Physical Review Fluids, vol. 3, no. 053902, May 2018.

J3. S. Symon, N. Dovetta, B. J. McKeon, D. Sipp, and P. J. Schmid, "Data assimilation of mean velocity from 2D PIV measurements of flow over an idealized airfoil," Experiments in Fluids, vol. 58, no. 61, May 2017.

J2. A. Gauthier, S. Symon, C. Clanet, and D. Quéré, "Water impacting on superhydrophobic macrotextures," Nature Communications, vol. 6, no. 8001, August 2015. 

J1. R. Carmigniani, S. Lapointe, S. Symon, and B. J. McKeon, "Influence of a local change of depth on the behavior of walking oil drops," Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, vol. 54, pp. 237-246, April 2014.

Conference Publications

C6. D. Massegur, D. Clifford, A. Da Ronch, S. Symon, "Comparing reduced order model forms for nonlinear dynamical systems," 33rd Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, September 2022.

C5. C. Thompson, B. Ganapathisubramani, S. Symon, "Rigid and flexible wings subject to large intensity turbulence," AIAA Aviation Forum, Paper 3446, June 2022.

C4. B. Jin, S. Symon, S. J. Illingworth, "Energy transfer mechanisms and resolvent analysis in the cylinder wake," Proceedings of the 22nd Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, December 2020. 

C3. S. Symon, S. J. Illingworth, and I. Marusic, "Resolvent analysis predictions of energy in turbulent channel flow," Proceedings of the 22nd Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, December 2020.

C2. S. Symon, S. J. Illingworth, and I. Marusic, "Large-scale structures predicted by linear models of wall-bounded turbulence," Journal of Physics Conference Series vol. 1522, no. 012006, June 2020. 

C1. S. Symon and B. J. McKeon, "Experimental flow reconstruction using resolvent analysis and data-assimilation," Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, December 2018. 

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