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I have been playing violin for 24 years and piano for  7 years.

Feel free to check out some of my performances at Caltech.

Links to past performances

Final quartet performance at Caltech (Dvorak's String Quartet #14 in A-flat Major)

Performed by Joe Iverson (cello), Sarah Jeoung (violin), Sean Symon (violin), and Ian Wong (viola)

Popularizing Science with Music

Most of us like and listen to music almost on a daily basis. Even without formal musical training we understand the basic elements such as melody, rhythm, pitch, and harmony. Quite often, music is 'simplified' so that a piece normally played by a full orchestra can be reproduced on the piano. This process of arranging the music for one instrument, while keeping as many of the original notes as possible, is similar to our effort to model complex systems with as simply as possible. In the world of fluid mechanics, we call this reduced-order modeling or model-order reduction. Stay tuned for more on this subject.  

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